Dedicated to the care of Girls & Women with Intellectual Disability...

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Organizational Development

Individuals with intellectual disability are one of the most marginalized and excluded groups in society, especially in developing countries like Nepal. Intellectual disability (ID) is characterized by limitations in cognitive functioning such as learning, decision making, problem solving and also by limitations in adaptive behaviors necessary for day-to-day functioning such as taking care of oneself and communicating with others. Many children with ID need constant care and support because a number of them are unable to perform even simple tasks such as feeding themselves or dressing themselves. In the absence of caregivers, particularly in the event of their parents’ death, children with ID face a dark and uncertain future. Realizing the severity of their problems, a group of concerned guardians took initiative to establish Sungava Homes in 2054 BS (1997 AD).

This organization is dedicated to the care of girls and women with Intellectually Disable. It provides group care arrangements as well as an array of services including healthcare, general supervision, specialized supervision, life skills training, and recreational opportunities. Sungava Homes encourages and trains each female with ID to be as independent as possible in their day-to-day activities with the hope that they can achieve some degree of self-reliance. Sungava Homes is the first center in Nepal to provide education, support, and training to females with ID.