Dedicated to the care of Girls & Women with Intellectual Disability...

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Value / Mission / Vision

Our Vision
Our vision is to support girls and women with ID by providing safety, nurturing with the involvement of their parents and facilitating in supportive environment which promotes their development, education, and protects them from any form of coercion or violence focusing on overall well being of them.

Our Mission
Working with every effort to make this vision a reality

Our Core Values
• Care: to provide care and support to females with ID
• Safety: to provide a safe space for females with ID and protect them from any type of violence
• Self-reliance: to provide education, life skills training, and vocational training that would enhance their day-to-day functioning
• Equality: to advocate for the inclusion of individuals with ID in Nepali society

Our Aim
Our main aim is to support females who are suffering from ID and enable them to lead a life of dignity and comfort by providing them with relevant education, training, medical support, and opportunities for inclusion in Nepali society.