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Case Stories

Case Story 1

My name is Asha Maharjan (name changed), mother of female intellectual disability. I grew up in poor family. My family members comprise of three sisters and my mother. We are staying in a small house. None of us are able to go to school due to our economic status. This is my childhood story.

At the age of 15 years, I got forced into marriage by my mother. I didn’t know anything about my future husband. Few days after getting married, I came to know that he was mentally disabled like the one among his three brothers. When I knew it, I tried to escape from that house, but due to poor status of my mother, I was forced to live with such a person.

Around one and a half years later, I gave birth to a female child. No abnormality was seen in my daughter up to 6 months. But I was doubly cheated by God because both my husband and daughter have damaged brain. I came to know it only after 6 months of my daughter’s birth. Some family members tell me that this is what my fate has ruled and it has happened to me. They say that no one in the family has such disability but it is only my husband and my daughter. Everybody says it is all ruled by fate. I cannot say anything to them, except suffer silently from everything that has hit me.

Since six or seven years, I have been facing a big challenge: my daughter and her father cannot stay in one place; they always get into a fight with each other. In addition to this, I have to do daily labor work to fetch them but cannot leave them in one place. In this regard, neighborhood advice is to send her to Sungava School. Since then I have dropped her in this school before going to my work. So, this is the only one safe place for my daughter as I think. But since the school provides service only in the day time, my concern is what happens to my child after my death. So I have been asking Mrs. Subarna Keshari to start hostel for girls for a long time. I am totally dependent upon this school for the future of my child. But as I know here are many mentally disabled children who all need hostel very much.

Case Story 2

A Tragic Event in Nuwakot

This is the story of a well-off family of rural community. A woman around 22 years old got married. After a few years, she gave birth to a girl at home. Her child was unable to sit and speak as other children even after one year. Since then, she was hated by family as it was thought to be due to the curse of mother in her previous life. One day the rural community found that both mother and baby committed to suicide. The mother jumped from a bridge into the river with child. At that time the child was 5 years. Regarding the investigation into the cause of suicide, it was reported that the family members forced her to leave house that night. That’s why she happened to commit suicide with her abnormal child.

Case Story 3

Help! Help! Help!

I am very helpless and hopeless. It is a pitiful story of one family’s life story. Mr. Dan (name changed) 34 years old gentleman with three children and a wife. His wife has mild mental disability and having three children – eldest 21 years son, second 19 years daughter and youngest 15 years daughter. The eldest son has mild mental disability with abnormal hands, and the youngest daughter has similar but severe mental disability. The second daughter is fine. He is facing a big problem with the wife who has mild mental disability and two differently abled children. He expresses that it is very difficult to drop and pick up his kids from Sungava school due to his labor work. The most severe pain in his heart is who would take care of these children after his death, as he expresses. So, he asks for help to establish a hostel for this type of children. He says he is fully dependent upon this school to give shelter for my daughter. This school is his only hope as he expresses with a great expectation.