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Our Appeal for Intellectually Disabled Children

1. Construction of washbasin:
Sungava building has provision of one small washbasin which is not enough. Teaching on toileting, washing hands, brushing teeth, combing hair is basic life skills.

2. Support for HR:
Concerning human resource, previously four mother of ID children were working as teacher volunteer in the vocational training unit since long time. As time passed, mothers are unable to serve volunteer job due to their economic status as well as health problems. Thus, we need to recruit two well trained teachers for training unit.

Day care service is currently started from Poush 2075. This unit is running by two teachers with two assistants and one cleaner. They have committed to serve voluntarily for three months. So, from Falgun onward, we have to provide a small amount of money as salary.

In the school premises, Sungava homes urgently required a security guard. Till date we are unable to recruit security guard.

Regarding the support from students, majority of the children are from poor family and parents are not taking border to send school. Thus, Sungava is providing free lunch, and transportation to the needy students for regular attend school.

3. Sponsor of student:
As stated above that majority of the children are from poor family and they have to stay in one locked room. Sungava Homes is the one who counsel to the parents to enroll school for dignity of girl child. Presently, few girl children are starting to send this Sungava homes. So, in this regards, Sungava homes request to foster these children.

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Please help for fight against the miserable condition of neglected disabled children. Donate today with hopes that the thinking of society towards children with disabilities changes from a negative to a positive light where children do not have to hide in the shadows but lead an inclusive life in society. Your sacrifice of one day extravagant expense will give bright light to the life of abundant female disabled children.